HCI International 2011

9-14 July 2011, Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek, Orlando, Florida, USA

T21: Raising Cultural Awareness in HCI Design

Half Day Tutorial

Astrid Beck (short bio)
GUI Design, Offenbachstr. 18, 70195 Stuttgart, Germany

Kerstin Röse (short bio)
AG Nutzergerechte Produktentwicklung, Fachbereich MV, Gottlieb Daimler Str. 42, 67663 Kaiserslautern, Germany

Rüdiger Heimgärtner (short bio)
Intercultural User Interface Consulting (IUIC), Lindenstraße 9, 93152 Undorf, Germany


After the workshop the attendees should have…

…an impression why to take into account and how to consider cultural issues in intercultural user interface design
…insight for the needs of a broad audience of users with different cultural background
…knowledge about the methods and techniques reasonably used in intercultural user interface design
…a feeling for the problems in intercultural usability engineering by doing some practical exercises


Content and Benefits

  1. Introduction

    Benefit: Getting culturally sensitive

    1. Motivation & benefits of intercultural user interface design and intercultural usability engineering (usability, customer satisfaction, customer retention, sales)
    2. What are important cultural issues, degrees of cultural awareness, cultural differences and stereotypes – Reviews and examples from projects in China and Germany
    3. Quiz: how good is your cultural awareness? How can we solve the problems: what methods are necessary to do it in the right way? (short exercise in groups)
  2. Identifying Cultural Differences in HCI Design

    Benefit: Knowing cultural differences and their problematic implications

    1. Problematic issues: e.g. tasks, user participation, attitude of project members, SW-architecture for multicultural projects
    2. How to identify cultural differences in HCI, their application in product development as well as their implications on usability?
    3. Identifying the cultural differences in HCI, their application in product development as well as their implications on usability (short exercise in groups)
    4. Presentation & discussion of the group’s results


  3. Identifying Problems Using Usability Engineering Methods within the Intercultural Context

    Benefit: Knowing methodological problems and how to avoid them

    1. Presenting methods of usability engineering with focus on development for an international audience for analysis, design, development, and test: e.g. interviews, personas, scenarios, prototyping, testing, visual design etc. for cultural diverse users
    2. Identifying problems using these methods in intercultural context (short exercises in groups) (e.g. by developing an outline for an international web site)
    3. Presentation & discussion of the group’s results
  4. Closing
    Benefit: Deepening the learned by reflecting it with others
    Summary & Discussion


Target audience

Usability engineers and user interface designers with diverse cultural background interested in taking account of and in discussing cultural aspects in user interface design and usability engineering.


Interesting Links

Brief biographical sketches

Astrid Beck is professor for Human-Computer-Interaction. She earned her diploma at the TU Berlin and holds a master’s degree from the University of Southern California. She is a member of the Usability Professionals’ Association and the Human-Computer-Interaction section within the Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI). She is author of various articles in the field of usability. She took a sabbatical leave in 2009, which she spent in Shanghai, China. Her interests are social media and intercultural usability.
Kerstin Röse is professor for user adequate product development at AG use. She studied psychology at Humboldt University in Berlin and did her PhD in Mechanical Engineering at University of Kaiserslautern. She is focused on the development of international products especially for China. In addition, she is a member of diverse organizations and engaged as usability professional at UPA as well as in the German Chapter of UPA.
Rüdiger Heimgärtner is researching cultural differences in HCI and worked in software and HCI projects at Siemens and Continental. He is founder and managing director of the company IUIC (Intercultural User Interface Consulting), which offers researching, coaching, and training in the areas of intercultural user interface design, intercultural usability engineering as well as intercultural project, process and quality management.
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