HCI International 2011

9-14 July 2011, Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek, Orlando, Florida, USA

T10: Gaze Metrics in Adaptive Systems

Half Day Tutorial

Dr. Kelly S. Hale (short bio)
Sr. VP, Technical Operations Design Interactive, Inc, USA


The objectives of this tutorial include:

  • Review of cutting edge technology solutions to capture gaze metrics in a variety of environments
  • Discussion of how such metrics can be integrated with other measures to determine real-time relevance to scenario tasks and training objectives through applied examples
  • Providing insights to how such metrics can be analyzed to drive more granular diagnosis of operator state than what is possible using behavioral performance outcomes alone
  • Discussion of future challenges related to gaze metrics for real-time performance and training optimization

Content and Benefits:

Eye gaze data can provide insights into ‘unobservable’ perceptual and cognitive processes and identify root cause(s) of errors. Knowledge of the root cause can (1) be used to augment operational displays to optimize performance, and (2) focus training feedback to enhance specific deficiencies as opposed to providing ‘more practice’ to achieve an outcome performance criterion within training systems. Feedback can be provided via scenario adaptation and tailored after action reviews (AAR) with the goal of optimizing training effectiveness and efficiency. Content will include: a summary of technology and associated gaze metrics; methods to collect and analyze data to meet system objectives; discussion real-time diagnosis and adaptation design considerations (e.g., thresholds for triggering adaptation, avoiding yo-yo effect of adaptation, targeting multiple adaptations simultaneously); effective AAR display techniques; discussion of future challenges.

Target Audience:

Beginner/intermediate HF practitioner

Brief Biographical Sketch of Presenters:

Dr. Kelly S. Hale is the Sr. Vice President of Technical Operations at Design Interactive, Inc. and has over 10 years experience in human-computer interaction, training transfer, usability evaluation methods of advanced technologies, and cognitive processes within multimodal systems and virtual environments. Kelly has been funded by ONR, DHS, IARPA, and DARPA to develop advanced, real-time assessment techniques using eye tracking data which are combined with traditional behavioral performance and system measures to develop a deep understanding of trainee state (i.e., readiness to learn, expertise level, skill proficiency). Kelly has been involved with DARPA’s AugCog program, ONR’s VIRTE program, and has gained extensive experience in evaluating various devices using a variety of empirical and non-empirical usability evaluation methods. She has been Principal Investigator of multiple R&D efforts funded by ONR, DARPA, IARPA, DHS, and DOT. Kelly holds a BS in Kinesiology/Ergonomics from the University of Waterloo, Canada, and an MS and PhD in Industrial Engineering from the University of Central Florida.
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